Internal Lab

Maf Shoes Ltd has a well equipped in-house laboratory to check all kind of physical properties of shoes and shoe materials. We never compromise with customer requirements and our own quality standard. We are continually upgrading our lab facility by adding new machinery.

Some of our major testing equipment are


GOTECH Testing Ins

  • Sole Flexing Tester
  • Discoloration Meter
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Aging Oven
  • Desktype Temp. & Humidity Tester with Hudrolysis Tester
  • Din Abrasion Resistance Tester
  • Flex Cracking tester
  • Shoe Flexing Tester
  • Velcro Fatigue Tester
  • Electrical Balance Series (Density Kit)
  • Bally Leather Flexing Tester
  • Rub Fastner Tester
  • Crock meter
  • Desktop Thickness Gauge
  • Compression & Deformation Tester
  • Super Day Light


CAS Corp.

  • Digital Weight Scale