Maf Shoes Limited is a well compliant factory with equal opportunity, rights and local laws. It maintains the quality and compliance standard of all of its valued customers. It has already passed all standard requirements, code of conduct, health & safety requirements from many world-renowned footwear brands and retailers. We are a BSCI compliant factory as well.

All production area of Maf Shoes Limited is equipped with the best addressable inter connected fire detection, fire alarm and fire fighting solutions systems. Regular fire fighting, evacuation, rescue, first aid, fire prevention and safety training takes place to prepare employees for any kind of unforeseen work place hazards. The workers are provided with all necessary safety tools and equipments, PPEs to carry out their job without any hazard or injury.

A well experienced and skilled Compliance team is ensuring all the compliance requirements like – Health, Safety & Environments issues, proper ventilation, adequate lighting, health & hygiene, requirements of local labor law, customers’ code of conduct, international requirements of labor, some best practices & healthy working environment with the followings.

Key Features

  • We ensured fire safety in our factory for all the time with periodical fire safety assessment including electrical risk assessment. Addressable inter connected smoke detector, fire alarm, fire hydrant with jockey pump connected with water reservoir, various types of fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipments, sufficient fire fighters, rescuers and first aid personnel are always in place.
  • Sufficient fire preventive tools are in every floor and conducting fire fighting, rescue and first aid drill within the factory to train everyone and to quick evacuation from the floor in case of emergency.
  • Supply of pure drinking water for all during working hours.
  • Separate, safe and well managed chemical storage area. Chemical handlers and users are properly trained on safely chemical handling, using of chemicals, disposing waste chemicals (if any) and uses of PPEs.
  • We are very much cautious about all types of Health, Safety & Environments issues like – Chemical safety, Electrical safety, Fire safety, Structural safety and rights and responsibilities.

These have made us the first choice to our customers as a safe and efficient factory.